The belt has 5 holes at the 3 hole is the right size the rest
holes are to adjust if you prefer more or less buttoned
buckled because of one hole to another is 2.5 cm long of
5 there.

1. Using your current belt: Lay your belt on a
table and measure the distance between the hole where
now turns to the tip of the sting of the buckle (Point A).
This will establish the optimal measure and be the middle hole (Point B)
your new belt.
(Eg if your current belt measuring 87 inches proved,
as they should select for their next belt will be 90).

2. Using a tape measure: Measure around your waist
the height where you want to use and adjust the belt slightly.
The closest match in centimeters resulting from this measurement,
which will be chosen to ask his belt.
(Eg if your waist measurement of 87 inches proved,
as they should select for their next belt will be 90).

3. Using the waist of his pants (European Numbering):
Multiply the size of your pants súmele 2 and an additional 5 inches.
(Example: If your waist pant is 40, the measure of his new belt should be 85)

Considering our scalable belts 5 cm in 5 cm, provided that
measurement do not match exactly with our measurements,
choose the immediate superior.
(Ex if the resulting measurement is 87 inches, the immediate step is 90).


SIZE-----S-------85 CM

SIZE-----M-------90 CM

SIZE-----L--------95 CM

SIZE-----XL-----100 CM

SIZE-----XXL----105 CM

SIZE-----3XXL---110 CM